11Apr 2020

Jordan Peterson

Posted in Capitalism, Ethics, Morality

     Jordan Peterson says the following, “The rate of absolute poverty fell by 50% from the year 2000 to 2012. There are more forests in the northern hemisphere than there were 100 years ago. The child mortality rate is now lower in Africa than it was in Europe in 1950. The fastest growing economies in the world are in sub Saharan Africa. About 300,000 people a week are being plugged into the electrical grid so increasingly people have universal access to fresh water. Not only do we have enough food, we have the distribution systems to deliver the food. It’s quite obvious, Peterson says, that free market systems predicated on the sovereignty of the individual are the reason that this is happening.”

     Jordan Peterson obviously sees the productive capacity of free markets as a good thing.

     But, he also says, “The problem with the idea of reason per se is that it’s not a sufficiently differentiated idea to account for how we actually operate in the world. It looks to me that it’s impossible to derive values from facts.”

      If it looks to you that IT IS POSSIBLE to derive values from facts, click on the topic, MORALITY.

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