17Mar 2021

Free Markets

Posted in Q & A

Q: How would you define "free-market?" No government intervention whatsoever? What should be privatized, and what shouldn't?

A: Pure capitalism, a free market, means no government intervention whatsoever. Just as there should be a complete separation of the church and the state, so there should be a complete separation of the economy and the state and for the same reason – it’s none of their business. The government should not even have anything to do with the money supply; we should be on a gold standard.

The sole purpose of government is to protect your right to your life and property. Towards that end the government should establish a police force to protect us from criminals, law courts to settle disputes and an armed forces to protect us from foreign aggression – and none of that should be privatized – to do so would be to introduce competition to the use of force.

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