30Aug 2022


Capitalism For Canada

      Obviously Bill Gates and Warren Buffett loved their job.  
     On one occasion Bill Gates’ father asked Bill and Warren to write down on a piece of paper the one word that best described what had helped them the most. Without any collaboration at all, they both wrote down “FOCUS.”
     I doubt if Bill or Warren have ever identified the fact that to focus or not to focus is the essence of free will. In any given moment that is our fundamental choice – focus or drift along in some sort of semi-conscious state.
     Now Bill and Warren loved what they were doing which makes focusing a lot easier. But is the reverse true? Does focusing on a job help to love the job? I say yes! To like or love a job, a person or a work of art, one must UNDERSTAND the job, the person’s character or the nature of the work of art - and the only way to understand is to FOCUS.


Gurneet Paul Thanks. Good post.

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