11Apr 2020


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     Prior to the Industrial Revolution the peppered moth was almost
exclusively white. During the Industrial Revolution the coal fired
factories in England blackened much of the environment. The white
moths stood out against the blackness and were easily seen by birds,
while the few black moths were well camouflaged. Before too many
decades, the peppered moths were almost exclusively black.

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, some radical Christians
said this was God’s retribution for the sinful lifestyle that people lived
in New Orleans. The left-wing, pinko, radical environmentalists are
just as insensitive to people’s pain and suffering. When fires consumed
a large portion of Fort McMurray, Alberta, radical environmentalists
said that this was payback for man’s impact on the environment.
While radical Christians believe God can control the environment,
radical environmentalists believe man will destroy the environment.
Will we?

Environmentalists shy away from the term global warming and now
instead use the term climate change. Their decades old predictions
of catastrophic global warming have been wrong. They now claim that
man is responsible for climate change, that we are the cause of more
floods, more droughts, more forest fires and on and on. Again they
are wrong – if there are more and more catastrophes around the world,
why are insurance companies not going bankrupt around the world?
Warren Buffett, the multi-billionaire investor, informed his share-
holders that his re-insurance company has not experienced any increase
in cost or frequency of severe weather events. (Some insurance com-
panies will use climate change as an excuse to sell you insurance that
you may not need)

What does affect the climate? According to Canada’s most well
known environmentalist, David Suzuki, who has compared human beings
to a bunch of maggots and called for political leaders to be thrown in jail
for ignoring the “science” behind climate change, it’s carbon dioxide.

Environmentalists claim that increased carbon dioxide levels will
result in global warming. Others claim that there are indications that
carbon dioxide levels are high during an ice age. Who knows? What is
known? There seems to be little disagreement on the history of carbon
dioxide levels – they’ve been more than ten times higher than they are
now. In fact, they are quite low right now – greenhouse growers pump
extra carbon dioxide into their greenhouses to improve their yield. It
would seem that rather than trying to lower carbon dioxide levels in the
atmosphere, we should be trying to raise them.

Climate change has been going on for millions of years – long before
man was even on the planet. It’s been hotter than it is now, it’s been
colder than it is now, the oceans have been higher and lower than they
are now. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and has natural
causes: volcanic eruptions, changes in the earth’s orbit, the earth’s
wobble and the mother of all climate change, the sun – this monster is
more than three hundred thousand times the mass of the earth, more
than a million times the volume of the earth. When the sun sneezes, the
earth gets pneumonia.

Does man have an effect on the environment? The peppered moth
says we do. But this is exactly what man should do. Rather than huddle
in cold, damp caves, we build centrally heated houses. Rather than
scratch the earth in sweltering heat, we drive air conditioned tractors.
Rather than groping around in the dark, we flip a switch. It’s our job to
It is our job to change the environment to suit our life – not to concern
ourselves with peppered moths. If the environmental movement was
around in the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution would have
been stopped in its tracks and we would be living in abject poverty with
a lifespan that’s less than half of what we enjoy today.

So what explains the environmental movement? Why do today’s
intellectuals push this down our throat. The Catholic Church took two
centuries to acknowledge the fact that the earth goes around the sun
and the sun does not go around the earth. The same church took only
a few years to accept and promote climate change. Why: because the
former went against church dogma and the latter fits perfectly into the
church’s philosophy that the masses need to be controlled, must be told
how to live. The church has always tried to control our moral choices;
now it will and does use climate change to control our practical choices.

Left wing intellectuals, religious or not, see climate change exactly the
way the Catholic Church does. It is justification for more and more govern-
ment control over our lives. It’s as simple as that. I’m for clean air and
clean water as far as is practical. Environmentalists are not – THEY ARE
AFTER POWER. If they actually cared about the environment, cared about
cleaner ways to generate electricity, they would be for nuclear and hydro.

We’ve been told to cut back on our use of fossil fuels, to save some
for future generations. Now we’re told we shouldn’t use them at all.
We are told we shouldn’t use our air conditioned automobiles – we
should walk, use a bike or stand in the freezing cold and wait for a bus.
We are told that there are too many people on the planet, that we should
not have too many children while David Suzuki has five. We are told that
we must pay extra taxes on environmentally sensitive products – bear in
mind that all products are environmentally sensitive.

To question the “truth” behind man made climate change is to subject
oneself to ridicule. If you’re a climate change denier, you’re no better
than a holocaust denier. And here’s the incredible John Moore, a radio
talk show host in Toronto, “People who do not vaccinate their children
are often climate change deniers.” What!? Obviously, the attempt to
ridicule is the attempt to silence any criticism.

Environmentalists are constantly making wild predictions
that turn out to be wrong. One does not have to be a scientist to discount
any of the environmentalist’s predictions. Their track record totally
disqualifies them as anyone to be taken seriously. As far as I’m concerned,
man’s long term influence on the climate is negligible, little more than
that of the peppered moth which, with the discovery of more efficient
fossil fuels, is white again – environmentalists can rejoice.
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