06Feb 2020

The Capitalist

Capitalism For Canada "Inequality is not a problem. Just work harder."

I’ve had several sarcastic comments like the one above.  If you’re going to dig a trench by hand to lay a pipeline across Canada, your back breaking labour will not be worth very much.  If you’re going to sit in an air conditioned, diesel-powered, excavating shovel, your labour is going to be worth a lot more.  The power shovel has increased your productivity dramatically and thus you make more money.  This is made possible by greedy capitalists trying to maximize their profits. It’s made possible by investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen – all trying to make a profit.  And guess who gets the largest return on his investment – the operator of the excavating shovel.  He invests only his time and will likely make a good wage with benefits – brought to you by the capitalist.


Maxwell Llewxam  Your employer's job is just this: to extract as much value out of your labour as possible. If he could pay you a dollar a week, he would.  The worker's goal is diametrically opposed: to work little and get paid a lot.  Therefore, there can never be peace.
Capitalism For Canada  Boy, that’s a cynical point of view.  There are employers that pay more and offer better benefits than their completion in order to get and keep good employees.  And there are employees that give their best effort in order to get ahead and at least by giving their best effort they enjoy their jobs more.  And ultimately it is the law of supply and demand that determines wages and benefits.
Maxwell Llewxam  The Law of supply and demand only really functions in efficient markets.

Capitalism For Canada  And pure laissez-faire capitalism is an efficient market. Actually the law of supply and demand works even in a dictatorship – there it’s called the black market.
Ryan Hayrynen  How is a worker meant to negotiate a "fair wage" under laissez-faire when the worker has no structural power, nor guaranteed protections in which to leverage against contract negotiations?
Capitalism For Canada  It is the law of supply and demand that determines wages.  Wages will go down in the men’s hair cutting industry if there are too many people wanting to be barbers.  Wages will go up in the computer software industry if there are too few programmers.  It seems that many people think that the employee is at a disadvantage when it comes to employee/employer relations. If that were true, why does anyone make more than the minimum wage?  Why haven’t all employers driven wages down to the minimum?  Why? - because both he and employees are subject to the law of supply and demand.

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