10May 2020


Posted in Ethics, Morality


     What does it take to be competent? It takes a grip on reality. The competent know you can’t fake reality, can’t cheat reality, that any attempt to do so results in failure. It takes reason. The competent know their feelings are not a means of discovering the nature of reality. They know that reason is their only means of DISCOVERING what reality can be made to do. Whether they can put it into words or not, they know the essence of free will. They know it’s their choice – their choice to exist in some sort of semi-conscious state or to FOCUS – to focus whether it’s his job or a conversation.

     It’s the competent that are the virtuous. They hold reason and productiveness as virtues. They hold courage as a virtue because they know living entails risk; they hold stamina as a virtue because they know living is work; they hold honesty as a virtue because they know lying, cheating and stealing can’t work when dealing with reality or people – they do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it.

     The incompetent, just as they don’t care to do an honest day’s work, they don’t care to be honest with you. I have learned over the years that it’s the competent that you can trust – they tell it like it is. And it’s only the competent you can truly call friend.

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