29Sep 2015

Can Capitalism Exist?

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Q: “Can Capitalism without any government intervention actually exist? If so, what could we (the people) actually do to make it happen?”

A: Under full laissez-faire Capitalism, just as there is complete separation of the church and the state, so there is a complete separation of the economy and the state. All human relationships are voluntary – not even the government can take one penny by force from anyone. By this definition, Capitalism has never existed. But it is an irrefutable fact that the well being of individuals in any country is directly proportionate to the degree of individual freedom in that country. In my opinion full laissez-faire Capitalism could and should exist.

What can we do? – Educate. First, educate ourselves. Learn everything we can about the practical superiority of Capitalism. More importantly defend it on MORAL grounds. Tell anyone that’s willing to listen (don’t be pushy) that Capitalism is the only MORAL system and be able to defend your position. There are those that know more than I on this subject, but the articles I’ve written on this website are a good start.

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