27Sep 2019

Bull Shit “Scientists”

Posted in Environmentalism

     If an oil company hires scientists to investigate the effects of their industry on the climate, their conclusions will be suspect because the scientists are being paid by the oil companies.  And after all the oil companies have an agenda – therefore their conclusions will be considered nothing more than bull shit.

     But if the United Nations, governments around the world and government subsidized universities around the world hire scientists to investigate climate change, we are to assume that there is no agenda – that their conclusions are not bull shit. Try getting a job as a scientist in any university in the world if you’re opposed to man-made climate change - you had better be a man-made climate change scientist if you want a job.  Governments do have an agenda – THEY ARE AFTER POWER (AND MONEY)!  And the environmental movement gives them the excuse they need to control every and all aspects of your life.

     If the environmental movement had been around in the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution would have been stopped in its tracks.  What would have happened if it had been stopped?

     Well here’s some real bull shit – or maybe it’s not.

     Five hundred million years ago carbon dioxide levels were as high as 4,000 parts per million.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution they were about 280 ppm.  That’s quite a drop.  With the advent of the Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide levels have risen to about 410 ppm today.

     But what if there was no Industrial Revolution?  What if plant life just kept on using up the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and carbon dioxide levels continued to fall?  There’s a point, somewhere between 50 and 170 ppm, where plant life can not exist.  Plant life self-destructs taking animal and all human life along with it.  Bull shit?  Maybe.  Maybe not.


Mike Windsor:  Your right about government using climate change as a catalyst for controlling the public, you still can’t discredit science, the more you discredit science the worse things get.

R.S.  Scientists are discrediting themselves.  They’ve been predicting a climate holocaust for decades – their track record sucks.  I do not intend to change my lifestyle because a cow farts in Saskatchewan. When I hear physicists say a universe can pop out of a void when it’s clear you can’t get something from nothing, well, I get a little suspicious.  The fact that there is less respect for facts nowadays (witness Donald Trump) is another subject.

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