18Nov 2023



The pursuit, achievement and maintenance of values is a lifelong pursuit, but since man’s lifespan is limited, he must limit the number of values he will pursue – he cannot be everything there is to be nor possess all there is to possess. So, each man must choose those values that hold the best promise in his pursuit of happiness. He must choose a career – he cannot pursue all careers. He must choose what food to eat – he cannot eat all the food on earth. It is the responsibility of each man to choose the values he will pursue and his responsibility to prioritize them – from the most important to the least important. Each man must get it clear in his own mind the relative importance of each value to all others.
Suppose a married man likes fishing. His wife requires extensive dental work, but he refuses to pay for it, and instead, buys a boat. It is clear that this man attaches more importance to a new boat than he does to his wife’s health. If he had had the relative importance of his values clearly in his mind when he was single, had prioritized his values, he would not have proposed marriage – he would have gone fishing.
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Tom Bri, “It's not even an optional pursuit. If one doesn't find their values, the values they act out will find them.”

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