05Jan 2024



     There are ten widgets in a bag and six bags in a box. How many widgets do you have? Using a calculator, you key in ten, plus ten, plus ten, plus ten, plus ten, plus ten. Incredibly, you have no understanding of multiplication - and you’re a high-school graduate.
     You’re asked to get a file named George Smith. You look under G, and instead of then looking under S, you tell your supervisor that you can’t find the file.
     If your education left you so inept as to be unable to perform the simplest of tasks, if your education was not education, but indoctrination – what could you do? You couldn’t do anything, but accept your fate, and muddle through life as best you can. But there is a group of people that have a vested interest in your education, a group of people that can do something – the facts orientated, entrepreneurial, competent – businessman.
     And here’s how - Check out my post – a 3 minute read.


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